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April 1st has passed already, so today i decided to give you some nice jokes based on puns, here:


- Can you tell me something about the greatest chemists of the 17th century?

- They are all dead, professor.


- Will you marry me, darling?

- No, but I will always admire your good taste.


- Can this operation be performed safely, doctor?

- That is what we are about to discover.


- What is the difference about an active verb and a passive verb?

- An active verb shows action and a passive verb shows passion.


- You study chemistry?

- No, this is my wife’s dressing table.


- Which travels faster – heat or cold?

- Heat, because you can catch cold easily.


- Hello, Jim, fishing?

- No, drowning worms.


- You can’t sleep in my class!

- If you didn’t talk so loud I could.


- Waiter! What’s this?

- It’s a bean soup, sir.

- No matter what it’s been. What is it now?


- Johnny, why are you late for school every morning?

- Every time I come to the corner a sign says, ‘School – Go slow.


- Darling, we can’t live on love.

- Sure we can. Your father loves you, doesn’t he?


- You cough more easily this morning.

- I should. I’ve been practicing all night.


- I’m going to give you a piece of my mind!

- Just a small helping, please.


- Before we begin exam, are there any questions?

- What is the name of this course?


- Why should a man never tell his secrets in a corn filed?

- Because it has so many ears.


- Is your wife economical?

- Sometimes. She had only 26 candles on her 40th birthday cake last night.


-Why is a crow a brave bird?

- He never shows a white feather.


- Martha is two-thirds married to Bob.

- Really?

- Yes. She is willing and the preacher is willing.


- Never mind the date. The exam is more important.

- Well, I want to have something right on my paper, professor.


- My granddad lived to be nearly 90 and never used glasses.

- Well, lots of people prefer to drink from a bottle.


What are the top 3 jokes you liked best & why? Write in!

have the nicest the rest of the week!
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